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Digital assets are traded according to the principles that are used in traditional financial transactions. But there are differences:

Cryptocurrency is characterized by high volatility. For traders, large fluctuations in rates are an opportunity to earn money using technical and fundamental analysis tools.

The price of a digital currency is formed by supply and demand, and traditional markets use a combination of factors (forecasts, financial statements, company statistics, news background, and others).

Due to the high volatility, investment portfolios of cryptocurrencies cannot be insured, since operators simply do not have enough funds to fully cover the losses of depositors. In the foreign exchange markets, risk insurance is often practiced, and it is even considered that such an approach is beneficial to both operators and users who use their services.

Crypto platforms work without breaks and days off, which allows you to buy and sell coins without being tied to a time zone or personal schedule. But you need to know when the bulk of traders and investors are active, as volatility rises during periods of intense trading.