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What Are the Best GameFi Games 2022

GameFi is short for "Finance Game". From the name itself it is clear that the gameplay is tied around the use of real currency and involves in-game financial transactions. GameFi games are based on cryptocurrency. It is сrypto which  acts as a game currency that allows you to make purchases during the gameplay.

Why have these games become popular now? This phenomenon is due to a surge in the popularity of cryptocurrency. Following cryptos, the NFT sector appeared, and it was inextricably linked with GameFi projects. NFT is a non-fungible token or, to put it simply, a unique token that cannot be exchanged for another similar token. The growing popularity of the technology has led to the creation of unique works of art that can be purchased for digital tokens. All in-game items that can be bought and sold are based on non-fungible token technology.

Gamers have long been earning through in-game activities. However, GameFi projects exclude intermediaries in the form of streaming services, third-party trading platforms, and eSports organizations from the monetization chain. 

Is GameFi Free?

You can play some best gamefi crypto games for free and also earn money from it. In some of these games, you will need to make an initial investment – somewhere they are calculated in a couple of dollars, and somewhere in the hundreds. Your possible earnings will also depend on the amount of investment – the larger the investment, the greater the possible income.

Here, in addition to the invested funds, you are also required to invest your time – to study the game, features, mechanics, and develop  the right strategy.

Is It Possible to Make Money on Gamefi Games Crypto? 

The gameplay in gamefi games crypto projects does not yet feature a captivating storyline or a breakthrough interface, but developers are trying to work in this direction. Basically, it is built around breeding pets or growing crops, which later leads to profit.

How to invest in gamefi? All in-game transactions are carried out through cryptocurrency. The profit that players can receive depends on the current rate, so it’s hard to talk about fixed amounts.

Top GameFi Сrypto Coins

GameFi games crypto tokens are extremely volatile – their value strongly depends on the general market situation and the network effect, which, if the project team makes mistakes, can also work in a negative way. Because of this, the potential return on investment can suddenly drop, and it will take a significant amount of time to recoup even the initial investment.

Earnings are highly dependent on the general market picture, the efficiency and luck of the player, as well as the time that he is willing to devote to the process. Revenue is also affected by rewards and limits set by developers.

For example, in one of the most popular games of this kind, the player's actions are limited by "energy" – a resource that is consumed for each battle and is fully restored at the beginning of a new day. The amount of energy depends on the size of the collection of creatures. Similar restrictions exist in one form or another in most P2E games.

Earnings in P2E projects also directly depend on the investments of gamers. Rare combat creatures or ships and high-level equipment increase the owner's income, but cost a lot of money. This raises the entry threshold for neophytes.

One option for beginner players is to join a guild, an organized group of people united around similar economic interests and in order to achieve common goals. In traditional games, guilds are usually created by gamers with different character archetypes to perform certain tasks. GameFi  guilds are similar to their traditional counterparts. Their main task is to achieve specific in-game goals, such as farming rare equipment, expanding territories, and completing quests.

GameFi guilds are focused on maximizing profits from a P2E project. They can be compared to esports organizations that hire a pool of experienced players and provide them with everything they need to participate in events in exchange for a percentage of the prize money. To create a guild, it is not necessary to establish a DAO. However, the decentralized structure keeps the community consistent as the organization scales. Therefore, this architecture is chosen by some large teams.

How Big Is the GameFi Industry?

If earlier computer games brought gamers only pleasure from the in-game process, now they are turning into a full-fledged source of income. As a rule, most modern games provide for the possibility of purchases within the game universe various weapons, equipment, etc. The problem was that such items only satisfied gamers’ sense of aesthetic pleasure and were used as decoration. With GameFi, things are different, the artifacts bought here serve as a source of income.

In the future, games with more thoughtful and developed “action” will appear, where millions of players will be able to face each other in battle and receive cryptocurrency for victory. In parallel to such games, large virtual marketplaces will be created that will allow players to buy and sell items. 

However, this is still a relatively young sector, in which there are no truly large AAA projects yet. Since we are talking about games, first of all they should be fun, while existing P2E products are niche.

Even in the metaverse segment, which some consider to be a GameFi harbinger, the mass user prefers projects without the use of distributed ledger technology and the concept of P2E. A high entry threshold also affects the situation in a bad way. In addition, users who are not interested in the P2E gaming component are turning to DeFi services, since the latter are able to offer even greater returns.

The emergence of more complex and interesting games will also affect the appetite of venture investors who are already investing in projects in this area. Developers are looking for a sustainable economic model, and in the future the situation may change for the better. But at the moment, GameFi has enough problems, and projects from this area should be considered as investments. Blockchain games can generate income, but the associated risks cannot be overlooked.

The best gamefi crypto projects are not just games where you can earn money. Successful segment representatives are based on complex economic models that determine how resources are allocated.

The studios behind blockchain games are focused on making a profit. In addition, the net inflow of funds is needed by the projects themselves for development. Developers are constantly looking for a balance between an exciting gaming experience and an incentive system that makes users invest time and money in the product.