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What Is P2E Games

Until recently, computer games were only a form of leisure. However, with the development of the crypto industry and the gradual transition of the financial system to an online format, new opportunities for earning have appeared. 

All classic video games are based on the concept of Pay-to-Win. In other words, the purpose of such video game participants is to compete with AI or other players and enjoy it. Modern video games allow gamers to earn money by trading various artifacts and participating in eSports competitions. But the gameplay itself does not provide for real cash rewards and withdrawal of funds from the game.

The concept of Play-to-Earn appeared as an alternative to the traditional Play-to-Win schemes. The main feature is that the player becomes the real owner of everything that he creates or receives in virtual worlds. This is achieved by the combination of blockchain technologies and, in some cases, metaverses.

Сrypto P2E games  are also entertainment, but closely related to crypto. If we do not go into technical details, then everything looks pretty simple. A gamer performs certain actions, for example, “pumps'' game characters, expands the lands, etc, and for this he receives a reward – projects’ native tokens. Tokens received in play-to-earn crypto games can be exchanged for fiat money or cryptocurrencies on cryptoexchanges.

When Did Crypto P2E Games Appear 

P2E crypto games appeared back in 2014, when blockchain technologies began to gradually penetrate the gaming industry. For example, online casinos started to accept payments in Bitcoins. But when NFT tokens appeared, game participants became full owners of digital characters and objects. And where there is property, there is also commerce.

In 2017, a project appeared with kittens that could be bred and then sold. They cost tens of thousands of dollars. It was a direct demonstration of the fact that a play-to-earn model was not just entertainment, but a real way to earn money. Since 2021, a whole gaming industry has been formed. Most сrypto P2E games have a decentralized monetary (DeFi) side (distributed liquidity) and a traditional gaming side (PC game or esports side), which is why many people call this emerging market section "GameFi".

There are such GameFi categories as play-to-earn games without investing;

play-to-earn games, where financial injections are required; entire game worlds (metaverses); projects that allow transferring games to blockchains.

Where To Track New  P2E Games 

The dynamics of top and new Play-to-Earn projects can be tracked on major information sites. Some investors make money on new projects, adhering to the following tactics: as soon as a new Play-to-Earn game is launched and its tokens or other valuable in-game items appear, users immediately buy them for small amounts and wait for development. If the project is successful, the investment can be increased by 1000%.

How To Earn on P2E Games

Basically, you can make money on best P2E crypto games using the following strategies:

by mining tokens; 

speculating on gaming assets; 

receiving passive income by renting gaming assets;

via staking.

The in-game currency is sold or exchanged on the exchange in the same way as any other cryptocurrency. It can be converted to Ethereum, Bitcoin (and any other crypto) or withdrawn like a regular currency.

You can earn by receiving payments for completing a quest, for winning competitions or a battle. Due to the uniqueness and limited number of in-game items, they are of real value and can be sold for a lot of money, which allows investors to earn on them.

There are NFT games in which users can lock tokens and cryptocurrencies in smart contracts, thereby earning rewards. To withdraw earnings, you need to transfer tokens or in-game cryptocurrency to the exchange or NFT marketplace. Converting tokens directly to fiat, most likely will not work. First you need to exchange them for stablecoins, then convert them to fiat and withdraw funds using the available channels. 

The amount of earnings on сrypto P2E games is not limited. The cost of some in-game items can reach tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Assets can not only be sold, but also rented out. Some investors purchase and lease virtual land plots.

Benefits of Best P2E Crypto Games

Among the benefits of best P2E crypto games are:

easy entry into the game world – some games do not require financial investments at all, while others provide payback during the first few months (it all depends on the activity of the person and his playing skills);

a minimum of funds that have to be spent to develop the character – you can choose games without investments; 

simple purchase and withdrawal of game tokens – this can be done thanks to cryptocurrency exchanges;

tokens are rapidly growing in price, which means that in a short period of time it will be possible to get more fiat currency for them;

an active game is a guarantee of more earnings, so the more time is spent on play-to-earn, the more chances there are for making real profits;

play-to-earn industry is actively developing, so experienced players can take advantage of new opportunities.

What Are P2E Games Crypto New Tendencies

The most promising P2E games crypto trend to keep an eye on is projects that seek to use the interest in non-fungible tokens to create profit-sharing models and capitalize on NFT price increases.

These projects aim to offer opportunities to gamers and investors by providing a platform where non-gaming investors can invest and provide NFTs to players who might not otherwise be able to afford them. Players are rewarded for their gameplay and investors get a share of the profits.

These types of protocols include P2E gaming guilds: these are decentralized autonomous organizations focused on building a community that allows players to earn money through a blockchain-based economy. 

Are P2E Games  Safe

In fact, the very concept of play-to-earn is not an innovation in the crypto world. There have been online games with financial injections for a long time. The main difference is that now characters, in-game currency or items can be bought with crypto. And they all exist on the blockchain. It is important to understand that the blockchain has properties that make it easy to prove that it is a particular person who owns the items, even if we are talking about some kind of rarities or artifacts. In essence, the blockchain is a database, and since it is based on a network of computing devices, it idl be impossible to forge “property rights”, copy or delete data. 

Thus, the blockchain technology prevents fraud, unauthorized data modification, and item duplication. In the game world, an important role is given to unique game items, which, according to the logic of the game, should be in a single copy. And since "copy" and "paste" as functions do not exist, there is no way the item can lose its unique status.

Is It Worth Playing P2E Crypto Games on Blockchain?

At the first glance, сrypto P2E games can look like a bubble and a Ponzi scheme (the scheme generates profits for early investors through funding by new investors who have just entered). Most P2Es have multiple sources of cash flow, and the economic models are similar to those in real life. For example, a rich person has a yacht or a horse that brings him prestige or profit. They require care and maintenance, which costs money. The same can be said about assets in P2E. When you decide to invest in the best play to earn crypto games, you are repeating real-life models – buying digital real estate and renting it out, or acquiring property and deciding what to do with it. 

In order to earn at least something (prestige or profit) in P2E, you need to either hire staff and pay them money, or spend your time and figure it out.

Blockchain and digitalization bring new values and opportunities. Even several years ago, the concept of “digital real estate” was absent, and showing social status through the purchase of a digital picture would have seemed wild.

There are dozens of developing and already working games in the industry. Players are offered to explore new planets, protect the fabulous citadels with the help of pixel ghosts, grow llamas, and the like. You will need a computer to access most projects, but there are games that promise access even via cheap smartphones. The imagination of the creators is not limited by anything, and the influx of new people occurs with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. The problem with a high entry threshold has already been solved by the so-called gaming guilds. In fact, any P2E, as well as NFTs with metaverses, is, first of all, a strong catalyst for the growth in the popularity of cryptocurrencies. The hype generated by the blockchain culture brings with it the involvement of millions of people in the process of mass adoption. The more reasons for using a particular blockchain, the larger its audience. Developers stimulate organic growth of interest and support the development of their blockchains.

What Is Top P2E Crypto Games, DeFi & NFT Symbiosis

There is currently a boom in projects and investment funds that seek to combine aspects of decentralized finance, NFTs, and top P2E crypto games. While the gaming sector only attracts a relatively narrow segment of users, NFTs have a wide range of applications in many areas, from art to real estate, providing an immutable proof of ownership.

What Is Best Play To Earn Crypto Games Development 

Another trend emerging in the gaming and NFT space is communities that focus on educating community members on how to make money through gameplay. 

Blockchain-based games can be challenging for beginners, and some games require an upfront cost, making it impossible for some players to play. To make this process easier, several protocols have emerged that invest in player training. These DAO projects, aimed at developing the P2E economy, help gamers turn their hobby into a stable source of income.

What Are the Prospects of Top Pay-to-Earn Crypto Games

Crypto app users are increasingly coming to top pay-to-earn crypto games, which has made them leaders in the use of DeFi technologies, but they still rarely go beyond browsers. However, mobile P2E games are gradually gaining popularity.

With the advent of NFT and the P2E games crypto model, mobile p2e games developers have new opportunities, but also new challenges, such as the long-term profitability of P2E projects, finding the right combinations of game mechanics and financial incentives, implementing blockchain infrastructure, interacting with regulators, etc.