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What Is NFT Drop?

NFT drops are a free non-fungible tokens distribution promotion. Drops are a powerful marketing tool for companies, which is used to attract more new users and promote the project.

How NFT Drop Works?

Usually, in order to participate in an airdrop, you will need to complete a certain list of actions, for example, subscribe to a twitter/telegram/discord account, repost a few posts, go through the verification procedure, attract new users, etc.

After you complete the list of actions in full, you will be included in the list of applicants who can potentially get any token or NFT for free. Please note that participation in an airdrop alone does not guarantee that you will receive NFTs, as the number of participants is usually much larger than the number of NFTs that are being raffled off. The distribution of digital art NFTs will take place randomly among all those who have successfully completed all the tasks.

Important: participation in some drops may be paid, and then you will also have to solve the task of minting (or buying) an NFT token.

Read all the terms and conditions carefully to decide whether they suit you or not. After completing all the tasks, you will be taken to the WhiteList – the official list of people who can get NFT for free. Please note that this does not mean that you will definitely receive a token - a whitelist does not guarantee a 100% chance of successfully receiving an NFT. Then all that remains is to wait – at the time, usually specified by the startup team, a certain number of NFTs will be automatically played out. 

Don't be discouraged if you don't manage to get them – there are a lot of drops, and you can always try your luck in other projects. The main thing is to choose only proven ones so as not to run into a scam.

When making money on airdrop you need to think about security. It is necessary to follow simple rules that will help to avoid problems:

In no case do not transfer public keys to wallets if they are asked by a person who introduced himself as a manager, admin, or even more so one of the project leaders. Only scammers do this. If such a person is actually a representative of the company, then the project is fraudulent and should be forgotten about.

Do not transfer any funds to representatives' accounts to receive tokens. The situation is similar to the previous one. An airdrop always means receiving cryptos for free and you do not need to pay for them. There are rare exceptions in NFT drops today when a small amount of tokens is purchased for a reward or a deposit is made if the company is developing an exchange or wallet, but these conditions should not be mandatory.

Recently, cryptocurrency exchange NFT releases have begun to be carried out, where it is necessary to pass KYC verification. If you do not trust the project, then be careful when transferring personal data.

To complete the tasks, you will need an e-mail and accounts in social networks. It is recommended to create separate accounts for completing tasks, since there are many projects, and after subscriptions, a large number of notifications will come, and the wall will turn into a news dump. Use universal mail. Gmail is the best.

Create accounts on the following social networks:

- Twitter

- Facebook

- Telegram

- Youtube

- Instagram

- reddit

- Medium

- LinkedIn

- Bitcointalk

Subscription, retweets and reposts on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram are necessarily required by many projects. Large and reliable projects often offer assignments for LinkedIn users. Of course, accounts should look alive, be filled with content, and have at least a small audience and a certain number of friends. The only exception is Telegram messenger accounts.

To participate in NFT releases 2022, you need to have a wallet that supports the tokens of the platform on which you are registering. For example, MyEtherWallet or MetaMask in the case of Ethereum blockchain. Airdrops are also held on other platforms. A complete list of supported wallets can be found on the official websites of the platforms. 

How to Earn on NFT Releases?

When choosing a project and investment strategy, you need to carefully analyze it. With experience, you will learn how to do it yourself, and at first, information and reviews about projects can be found on the Internet on thematic sites and forums. The more information about the project in the network, the higher its value.

Large resources that regularly publish relevant upcoming NFT airdrops data (NFT calendars) will help you keep track of current distributions and NFT collecting. In addition, the sites provide an expert rating of projects, and invalid projects do not get there. The listed sites have pages on social networks where you can turn on notifications so as not to miss new distributions.

Earning strategies consist of two parts. The first is the phased implementation of the tasks proposed by the project. The second is to promote NFT drops. Here are several ways:

Tell your friends, family and acquaintances about the digital art NFT project. They, in turn, can bring their acquaintances, and in their eyes you will be known as a “crypto NFT expert”.

Posting on the forums. Describe the project, present NFT drop schedule, explain what its advantages are and invite users to register using an affiliate link.

Social media posting. Corresponds to the previous point, but the posts should be shorter, so it is important to quickly captivate the reader.

The following method is not encouraged by project managers, although they themselves use it. Invite readers of NFT mints calendars’ users of forums and thematic sites to register and complete tasks for a reward. The method requires investments, and the tokens may not come, or it turns out that the exchange value has become significantly lower than the declared one.

Start your own blog or NFT calendar dedicated to making money on NFT artworks or cryptocurrencies, in which you will talk about interesting blockchain projects and publish NFT calendars. 

Fantasize. You can stimulate the interest of users in different ways. For example, arrange a competition with small prizes or record a creative video about the NFT blockchain project.

How To Find NFT Drops?

Dozens, if not hundreds, of airdrops take place every month. You can learn about the most promising on one of the many specialized resources. Such websites usually contain minimal information about the project and its developers. NFT calendars with data on airdrops, as well as their discussion, can be found on the crypto branches of popular forums. 

To find NFT drops, you can use several sites created specifically for searching for NFT collections. 

In addition to them, bookmark special Twitter accounts – they post data about fresh drops. When you hit the page, you will immediately be offered fresh drops that are played out right today. Typically, you will see the following information on the card:

the name of the drop;

free NFT releases time;

marks (Promoted, Verified): "promoted" means that the site owners were paid to advertise these NFT drops. If you want a clean rating, scroll down a bit until you see the regular airdrops. They can be verified – this means that the authenticity of the project has been verified by the site team;

the name of the marketplace, which also has tokens;

a brief description of the project. By clicking on the "Read more" button, you will open the full information about the NFT Drops 2022, including the blockchain network, links to the social networks of the project and a full description of the startup.

If you want to prepare in advance, it is recommended to select the "upcoming" tab on the main page – then the drops that will be released in the next few days will be immediately visible.

And, of course, information about the upcoming distribution of tokens is published by the projects and marketplaces themselves on their websites and social networks. We strongly recommend that you double-check the information about the airdrop and NFT drop schedule on the official resource of the project before participating in it. After all, attackers can conduct fake distributions, pretending to be a well-known project, in order to get data about your wallets and tokens. 

It is also not worth participating in all NFT releases 2022 randomly – most of them will not bring you noticeable profit, and you will only waste your time. It is much more profitable to conduct an initial selection and participate in the distribution of only the most promising projects.

NFT Calendar: How To Choose the Best NFT Drops?

NFT drops organizers can mislead newcomers by offering them unpromising tokens. Determining the value of NFT is quite difficult, because the prospects depend on many factors. When choosing the best NFT drops 2022, the following key characteristics of the tokens to be given away should be considered:

Practical Use

This is the most important aspect – the utility of the token depends on it. It is necessary to understand what an NFT was created for, what it gives, and why it is used. The asset must perform some function: to strengthen the player within the game, be used as a resource for construction, or change the appearance of the game character. The purpose of the application forms the base cost of NFT, and then it increases along with the growth of the project's popularity. A few application examples: access to a gated community; an invitation to an event; the right to vote on the development of the project; access to digital storage; personal consultation with the author; participating in future NFT drops.

There are different types of use of tokens, they are used as collateral in online loans, they are purchased for the purpose of earning on staking, obtaining premium content, and so on. Depending on where NFTs are used and what functions they perform, their initial cost is set, but then it grows along with an increase in demand.

Token Scale

This factor plays an important role, because the interest of a wide audience in it depends on how large the project is. The large NFT community suggests that there are many potential buyers and sellers; transactions are often carried out in the market with assets. There are many examples of NFTs gaining huge popularity because they were accepted by a huge audience. How to evaluate this characteristic? To do this, just visit the official pages of developers in social networks.

Development Potential

Usually it depends on the two previous points – the size of the community and uniqueness. The more people interested in NFTs and the rarer they are, the higher the demand is, and hence the potential is born. To understand how much an asset is in demand in the market, it is enough to compare the volumes of supply and demand. The stronger the project's support from the community, the more likely it is that demand will grow steadily and this will lead to an increase in cost.

Author Popularity

Who issues the NFT also greatly influences its price, especially at the start. While the token has not yet settled on the market, its value is determined by the popularity of the author (company). Everything is simple here, the higher the popularity, the more expensive the NFT can cost. When choosing assets, you need to collect information about the author. Who he is, what his biography is, why he releases NFT, is the person popular in the crypto community. Collecting data is not difficult if a large-scale distribution of tokens is planned, and information about the author, his creative path, and so on is actively distributed on the network. The more famous the author, the more likely it is that his tokens will grow in price.

Personal Preferences

It is recommended to rely on not only NFT technology analysis, but also take into account your own opinion.You can not rely only on the opinion of experts: assets must be valuable in the first place for you. Perhaps you just like a particular NFT art collection , or you feel sympathy for the author, consider him promising, or maybe you even know him personally.