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What Is an Ambassador Program?

In 2021, a new trend emerged in the marketing of crypto projects. They attract people (ambassadors) who talk about the project at various sites, increase the level of project recognition, and, therefore, sales.

Ambassadors can help not only in creating, translating and promoting content into other languages, but also in programming, marketing, negotiating, strategies development and so on.

An ambassador is a person who tells people about the project, its tasks and plans for the future. The main goal is to grab attention, as well as create a personal connection with a potential client, which is impossible in the formats of stellar YouTube videos or email newsletters. Crypto ambassadors have a simple job: they use the product and talk about it, creating content on social networks. For this, they receive a reward in tokens or other bonuses from the project. It is impossible to estimate the cost and number of tokens earned in advance.

How Does the Ambassador Program Work?

To become an ambassador, it is not necessary to be an expert in social media promotion or a video maker, it is important to know the basics about crypto, be sociable and ready for creative tasks. Well, understand how social networks work and have a small number of subscribers.

The tasks of ambassadors can be different, it all depends on the wishes of the companies. Crypto enthusiasts are offered to write articles, create memes, stickers, shoot short video reviews, repost or moderate communication in the community. The conditions are prescribed when applying for an ambassadorship.

To apply for the status of an ambassador, you need to fill out the form: indicate your name, email and social networks. Sometimes at the end they ask you to write briefly about yourself and tell how you can be useful to the project.

What Is the Main Activity of a Crypto Ambassador?

Basically, ambassadors are engaged in 5 areas, these are:

Moderation of channels and chats of the project;

Organization of events and AMA sessions on the topic of the project or related to it;

Translation and/or writing articles about the project;

Graphics and/or video content;

IRL events to promote the project.

A typical ambassadorial program looks like this:

The site needs people to create content both in its social networks and in personal user accounts or on external resources. Such creators are given referral links to invite new clients. Ambassadors are given referral links to invite new clients. According to the standard, they require you to fill out an application form: write a name, email and a link to your public channel or account. In the “A little about yourself” column, you can write about your experience with cryptocurrencies and blockchain. 

The more attractive the description, the better for you. If everything suits the platform, then you need to fill out your profile: upload a user avatar, specify the wallet address and make one post on the platform.

On some sites, the status of an ambassador can only be obtained after a certain number of attracted users – for example, a hundred. Status gives access to project presentations and new brand products that can be tested before they are released. In addition, ambassadors can enter into a private chat with the project team.

Everyone decides what his content will be, how often it will be released and where to insert the referral link.The amount of remuneration depends on the number of published posts and the number of attracted users.

As a rule, there are various levels in ambassador programs, depending on which the conditions for participation change. To increase the level, you need to attract more users, as well as make posts on the platform and talk about the project on other sites. At each of the levels there are drawings of prizes: smartphones, a certain amount in bitcoins, and so on.

The goals of the crypto-ambassador are to find a common language with ordinary users, to tell in human language about the benefits of the project. That is, it is not only about advertising, but also about personal connections, creating a loyal audience. For this, you can receive not only payments in cryptocurrencies and merch from the company, but also participate in large prize draws and enter the crypto industry.

Ambassador programs are, at first glance, an easy way to get into the crypto community. But in fact, not all users are accepted into such programs. It requires not only crypto experience, but also a public channel. In general, when you find an ad looking for ambassadors, you are asked to indicate the skills that you have.

How to Find a Profitable Program?

You can find such a program through a search engine, google, for example, Ambassador Program or Ambassador Crypto. Also, thematic chats can be found in Telegram and Discord. In addition, the Dropsearn aggregator reports on new ambassador programs. It briefly contains information about the project, deadlines and conditions for participation.

But how to choose a promising project? That's a very difficult question. At the project selection stage, it is important to analyze its team, stage of development and investors. The most interesting projects are those in which the team develops the product for a sufficient amount of time and only after that launches marketing campaigns.

It can be said with high accuracy that only after a complete immersion in crypto economics will you be able to accurately assess whether this is a promising project or your time will be wasted.

But if you have enough time and energy, you can participate in all programs. This will increase the likelihood of stumbling upon a project that will generously pay ambassadors.

What Are the First Steps to Become an Ambassador?

First you need to have a portfolio in a particular area, whether it's a YouTube video or articles.

Articles are recommended to be written in advance in English and on sites such as Medium, Teletype or Telegraph.

If you already have a portfolio or experience in moderating chats/servers/etc, then now you need to design a personal page in this portfolio/discord so that it looks presentable and radiates a serious and positive aura.

Next, you need to find a project in which you would like to be an ambassador. To do this, use Twitter, because it is he who is the beginning of any project.To start such an activity, I advise you to find any project for you in order to gain experience and have a good reputation as an ambassador, so that you can be more easily accepted into larger programs.

What Qualities and Skills Does an Ambassador Need?

Fantasy. If you can’t figure out how to convey information to an ordinary Internet user in a beautiful and accessible way, then you won’t be able to move forward in this. You need to stand out, write memorable and extraordinary, otherwise your articles will look like hundreds of others.

Design. An important part in any article. Without design, your work will look faded and completely unattractive. Learn the basic tools of Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint. And most importantly, stick to one style in your articles.

Courage. It is necessary not to hesitate to send an application with your portfolio, and to talk with ambassador managers without a tremble in your voice.