What Are the 10 Most Popular Cryptocurrency to Buy 2022?

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First of all, let us touch on important points regarding the factors on the basis of which experts make forecasts and which help potential investors make the right decision. 
So, when choosing cryptocurrencies, in which, according to expert opinion, it is worth investing, it is necessary to answer  the following questions:

What is known about the project team?

How popular is altcoin among traders and investors?

Where is it applied?

What exchanges is it traded on?

How much does it cost now and what are its development prospects?

What is the total capitalization of this currency and what is its liquidity?

What do experts of the cryptocurrency community think about it?

In the process of finding answers to these important questions, you will be able to make the right, informed conclusions, be confident in choosing a coin and invest in it right now.

Let's analyze each parameter in more detail:


It's simple: the more you know about the team and its members, the more you trust their product. If the authors of the project wanted to remain incognito without even disclosing their names, this immediately leads to thoughts of fraud and scares away potential investors. If the developers of the project are open, do not hide their names and are in constant dialogue with users, then the level of trust in the project automatically grows. And if there are well-known persons in the cryptocurrency community among the team members, then the project has even more chances of success.


It is better to buy the most popular cryptocurrency, when a coin is in great demand among traders and investors, because this directly affects its liquidity. Moreover, those who have already invested in a particular asset have done a great job for you: they studied the offers, analyzed them and chose the most reliable and promising of all the coins. And the probability that this asset is really attractive for investment approaches 100%.

Application Scope 

The wider the cryptocurrency is represented in different spheres of life and the higher its practicality, the more attractive it is for investment.It is not for nothing that bitcoin is so popular, because it is better than other cryptocurrencies adapted for use as a means of payment. If we talk about Ethereum, then its popularity is also growing along with the development of smart contract technologies and their application in various industries.


Before purchasing a coin, you must make sure that it is traded on the leading exchanges. It is important that you can sell the assets you bought on serious exchanges in the future. If the cryptocurrency is not represented on the most popular trading platforms, there is no point in investing in it now. After all, it’s not a fact that she will ever appear on them at all.

Current Rate and Development Prospects

It is necessary to study the dynamics of the coin rate in order to see how the cryptocurrency behaves now, where it came from and where it is going. This can be done visually or with the help of special technical indicators, thanks to which you can study the behavior of the coin much deeper. So, for example, you can even see how much an asset is oversold/overbought (undervalued/overvalued). To determine the prospects of a coin, you can either use ready-made solutions offered by experts in the field and authoritative resources, or evaluate the prospect yourself if you know technical analysis.

Capitalization and Liquidity

Capitalization is the total value of a cryptocurrency, which is determined by multiplying the value of one token by the number of coins in circulation. Liquidity is the ability of a crypto coin to be sold at a market price.The higher these indicators, the greater the development prospects of the cryptocurrency and the level of confidence in it from investors.

Crypto Community Experts Views 

What authoritative experts write about a particular cryptocurrency project must be taken into account when choosing an investment instrument. Of course, their assessments and forecasts should not be considered as an unconditional truth, simply because no one is able to predict the future. But experts and specialists in the field know more than ordinary users, and their vision of the prospects of a particular cryptocurrency is more objective than information from developers. As a rule, expert assessments are justified, and the arguments are supported by facts.

What Is the Most Popular Cryptocurrency to Buy?

When choosing a cryptocurrency for investment in 2022, you need to understand that any investment is risky, and investing in digital assets is especially so. But in the case of a successful transaction, all risks pay off with interest. And if you do not choose an investment object blindly, but study the criteria that really affect the prospects of the chosen cryptocurrency, then the chances of success will be incredibly high.

So, when choosing the most popular cryptocurrency for purchase, you need to pay attention to:

The team involved in the promotion and development of this cryptocurrency project.
There is always a whole team of people behind every product, and the louder their names, the higher the chances that the project will immediately attract a lot of public attention. 

Cryptocurrency developers are experts in the field by default, but what matters is the experience they already have and the presence of successfully implemented similar projects. The more skilled, experienced and authoritative the development team is, the higher the degree of trust in the product will be.

However, it is found that the people behind the cryptocurrency project prefer to remain incognito: there are no names, no location, no other data about the creators. And vice versa, the authors of the project can conduct the most open dialogue with users, share goals and plans, conduct socially active professional activities by participating in various meetups and conferences. It is logical that in the second case, the investor has much more reasonable reasons to invest his money in such a project.

The advantages and prospects of the technologies underlying the cryptocurrency. As a rule, on the net you can find detailed information about the project from its developers. But you need to understand that this primary data comes directly from the creators, people who are most interested in making their cryptocurrency popular and generating income. 

Therefore, you should not take at face value everything that you read on the official website of the cryptocurrency, because there may well be marketing tricks there.It is important to get more objective information about the technologies implemented in the system from other trusted sources, where experts in the field make their forecasts regarding the prospects for the development of this coin and analyze exactly those ideas that the developers put into their project in fact. Since over time it will be disastrously important for the success of your investment.

Project website and social activity of the community. A modern, multilingual, intuitive and user-friendly interface is an important component of any project or business. It is difficult for a beginner to quickly navigate the nuances of working with cryptocurrency, so developers must offer a product that will be easy and efficient to work with even for novice users. For more advanced users, advanced functionality and the availability of tools for analytical and statistical data are important. In general, a convenient, functional and concise site is a must. Moreover, now every cryptocurrency project has its own groups in popular social networks, where all the news about the coin is regularly published.

The higher the activity in these publics and the larger the community that unites fans of this digital currency, the more investment attractiveness it has for potential buyers.
How often the cryptocurrency is pumped. A pump is an artificial inflation of the price of a cryptocurrency in order to generate interest in the growth of the rate and increase demand, and then sell assets at a higher cost.

As a rule, this speculative trick is initiated by large market players and for it they choose a popular and stable currency, on which you can definitely make money.Why is this criterion important for a potential investor? The thing is that those large traders who provoke pumping have much more information than ordinary users. And frequent pumping of this or that cryptocurrency suggests that this is a good tool for trading and making money.

Investing in this asset is most profitable at a time when the market value of its tokens is at a relatively low level. Then there is every chance to earn on the course during the next pump.

According to experts, 2022 will become a strategically important year in the history of cryptocurrencies. This will be the time of formation of public opinion and attitude towards cryptocurrencies. Of course, the number of people investing in cryptocurrencies will grow. They will no longer be afraid and distrustful of investing in digital assets, and will begin to be interested in what virtual currencies are better to buy, where and how to do it better.

Moreover, cryptocurrencies and especially stablecoins are on the verge of becoming the same accepted asset class as gold and other precious metals, government bonds and securities. In 2022, experts expect increased interest in digital money from the state and various public and private organizations. Prior to this, cryptocurrencies were invested mainly by individual investors, who quickly adapt and accept new technologies.

Large organizations, and especially state ones, need more time to “build up”. And it is this year that blockchain-based technologies will enter the public level, become available to a wider public, and we will see the first state blockchain projects.

As for those who have been working with cryptocurrency for more than a year, experts talk about a trend towards diversification of their digital assets among investors. In an effort to diversify their investor portfolio, they will begin to pay more attention to promising altcoins such as Litecoin, Dash, IOTA and others.

According to authoritative experts in the field, by the end of 2022, the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market will be $5 trillion. Ambitious, but quite realistic. You can remain contemplative and watch with interest how events will develop, or you can become an active participant in this exciting action. Especially if you know which cryptocurrency is better to invest in in 2022.

What Is the Most Popular Cryptocurrency? 

There are ten promising options for investment this year.


Possessing all the main features of a digital token (decentralization, cryptographic encryption methods, lack of government control), the Chinese NEO cryptocurrency also has strong competitive advantages, thanks to which it has confidently settled in the top ten currency ratings by total market capitalization.

NEO is famous for commissions that are significantly lower than in other blockchain systems, an energy-efficient PoS algorithm, and support for most popular programming languages, which expands the prospects for the commercial use of cryptocurrency.

Cooperation with the Chinese authorities and partnerships with the world's leading corporations also contribute to the stable growth of the coin's rate and its rapid promotion on the market.

What Is the Second Most Popular Cryptocurrency? 

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is a decentralized public block chart. Thanks to the powerful technologies embedded in the system, this project is positioned as a real opportunity to improve the entire smart contract platform and create a new decentralized economy. Thus, the “stuffing” of the system consists of a powerful core developed on the basis of the Proof of Stake algorithm and the Ouroboros data transfer protocol, as well as the most secure Haskell programming language to date.

In general, the global goal of the developers is to create a new decentralized economy and democratize finance. Well adapted to the conditions of the cryptocurrency economy, the Cardano coin is also considered as a promising tool for long-term investment.

What Is the 3rd Most Popular Cryptocurrency? 

Sterrar (XLM)

Stellar, according to its developers, is able to improve the entire financial infrastructure in the world. The project is a decentralized consent platform through which people/companies/financial institutions can easily and quickly make any exchange transactions without intermediaries.

The creators see the prospect of developing their project in partnership with companies and large investors, and not through cooperation with banking institutions, as competitors do.

And in view of the recent partnership agreement between Stellar and the world's record holder for patenting new developments, IBM, after which the cost of the coin increased by 500% in less than a month, we can say that the project development vector was chosen correctly. Experts advise considering this cryptocurrency also as a tool for long-term investment, which will bring tangible profits after 1-2 years.

Monero (XMR)

Monero is considered one of the most anonymous cryptocurrencies. It is chosen by those for whom it is extremely important to remain incognito. Quiet, but very promising currency.

It is characterized by unlimited emission and a high level of capitalization, which gives it real chances to “shoot” in 2022.

The prospects for Monero are also associated with a special mining method for which it is impossible to use ASIC devices.Thanks to the implementation of the CryptoNight algorithm, the process of mining new coins in the Monero network is more decentralized. The growth in popularity of the cryptocurrency is also positively affected by its easy scalability: Monero has no block size restrictions.


A very attractive asset for investment. The key feature of the IOTA cryptocurrency is that it functions without commissions and miners. The developers of the project managed to launch a completely self-sustaining and infinitely scalable network, the users of which themselves confirm the transactions of other users.

Moreover, the project is based not on blockchain, but on the unique Tangle consensus method. It is also noteworthy that this coin was launched as a means of payment for the implementation of the concept of “Internet of Things” (Internet of Things, IoT). Experts suggest that by 2022 the number of connections via IoT will be more than 1 billion. The popularity of IOTA will also grow accordingly.


Having shown a phenomenal result during the ICO and raised $1 billion to launch their project, the creators of eos promise to bring a revolutionary product to the market: a technologically perfect ecosystem, devoid of the shortcomings that other cryptocurrency systems have.

It is these three whales that underlie the new cryptocurrency, which, by the way, does not even exist in nature yet. But despite the fact that the project platform has not yet been launched, this cryptocurrency is actively traded on exchanges and the value of its tokens continues to grow. Maybe this paradox is the new future of money?

Tron (TRX)

Tron cryptocurrency is a story about entertainment. This is a decentralized platform similar to social networks, where users watch, post and store various entertainment content. It is also a platform similar to the AppStore and Google Play that developers use to promote games and apps.

It is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. The popularity of the Tron cryptocurrency is directly related to the prospects of the entire digital entertainment market, which is currently estimated at a trillion dollars and continues to grow.

Experts suggest that in the near future 10% of all projects related to online entertainment, as well as their adherents, will switch to blockchain, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the investment attractiveness of this digital asset.

Qtum (QTUM)

Qtum is a hybrid platform that connects existing blockchains to an Ethereum-like virtual machine and allows developers to create applications and smart contracts based on blockchain technology.

While primarily a reliable contract development tool, Qtum also offers users a decentralized method of storing information in the form of transactions on the blockchain.As for the economic goal of this platform, it is to introduce blockchain technology into areas such as finance, social networks, gaming, the Internet of things, which will help companies automate many business processes and optimize work.

VeChain (VEN)

Powered by blockchain, the VeChain global platform digitizes people, objects or events in the real world. So, with its help, you can convert any information, which greatly simplifies the control and verification of goods sold online.

The project already has many successfully implemented cases in such industries as luxury goods (cooperation with a premium European brand), logistics, agriculture, food, medicine.

Any product on the VeChain platform is assigned a unique identifier, which is stored simultaneously in the blockchain and placed on the product with a special chip or QR code.

The consumer can interact with the chip at any time and learn more about the origin and quality of the product. Thus, the developers of VeChain managed to create a new business model based on "trusted service", which helps to establish favorable partnerships between the parties to transactions.


NEM is a data management platform, made in Japan, with which you can easily and inexpensively implement blockchain technology in any business process. The cryptocurrency was created on the basis of the blockchain, running on the modernized POI model. 

Thus, the probability of creating a whole block of coins will be higher for those users who actively use its capabilities.The reward for one block is called harvest. Moreover, one block of this digital currency is generated in just 60 seconds: at the moment this is a record value among all known cryptocurrencies.

The NEM team launched the Mijin private system, which allows you to securely perform various banking transactions. The network was tested by leading Japanese banks, and over 2 million transactions were completed within 24 hours of testing, which confirmed the reliability of the NEM network.

Cryptocurrency is already used in Japan as an official means of payment for financial transactions. At the moment, the project team plans to start developing the markets of China and Malaysia. Experts agree on the prospects of NEM as an asset for investment in the long term.