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What Are Move to Earn Crypto Games? 

Move-to-earn games are gaining popularity in the world – in them, the user receives a reward simply for doing some kind of sports exercise. It may look like an easy way to make money, but not everything is so simple. 

The rapid development of blockchain technology and digitalization could not but affect the gaming industry. The crypto community has long come up with a more interesting way to make money on the crypt than regular trading – play-to-earn (P2E) games. In them, players can receive tokens for performing any actions or completing levels. Recently, cryptocurrency fans have been taken by a new offshoot of the P2E gaming model called move-to-earn. M2E burst into the public consciousness during the coronavirus epidemic, when almost everyone was at home and spent most of their time in front of the screen.

What is move to earn game? Move to Earn (move-to-earn) is a crypto market initiative designed to encourage users to move more and earn cryptocurrency from it. The focus of these gaming genre is health and fitness, where users are rewarded for their physical activity rather than virtual activities.

There are several apps that allow you to earn cryptocurrency while playing sports, which is an additional incentive for training. The most popular among them is STEPN, the world's first top Move-to-Earn NFT game, which has become wildly popular.

What is the NFT STEPN game? In it, the player can purchase NFT sneakers and earn cryptocurrency on runs in real life.You just need to take your smartphone to training and turn on the GPS.

STEPN sneakers are not cheap: one pair costs $1,400 on average. Each shoe is unique and different in energy scale, "comfort" and wearability. The higher these characteristics, the more earnings. The game runs on the Solana blockchain, you can buy sneakers for tokens of the same name, and the reward is paid in the GST internal currency, which is already listed on many exchanges.

On the forums, users boast that they receive from $40 to $160 per day in this game. That is, in order to at least recoup the cost of sneakers, you need to run for at least a month every day.

Are Move to Earn Crypto Games Scams?

It is always risky to invest in new crypto projects because they can turn out to be fraudulent schemes. But here are a few arguments that might indicate that Move-to-Earn games aren't.

Firstly, scam projects most often work on referral programs that provide income only through the arrival of new players. Move-to-Earn games do not use a referral – here income is generated through NFT sales within the game, as well as trading in your own tokens on major exchanges.

Secondly, players buy NFTs –  these are unique tokens that have value in their own right in a certain community. If a player has not been able to make money on them by playing sports, these NFTs can simply be sold to another player, waiting for a good price.

And thirdly, users and companies usually invest in reliable projects. For example, a well-known venture company invested several million in STEPN tokens. And a company developing its own metaverse on the blockchain has joined the development of another high cap Move-to-Earn platform.

Are Move to Earn Games Risky? 

As with any other game-related or developing project, there are several main risk factors:

Scam. A project in any field can turn out to be a scam, you should pay close attention to developers, investors, profitability and promotion methods. Since the concept is new, fraudsters can actively use it. Be careful when choosing a project, as M2E blockchain games require the transfer of more personal data.

When choosing a top move to earn project, it is important to take into account its contribution to the development of blockchain technologies. Game projects without a long-term roadmap, which includes continuous development, may not live long. There is a high probability of losing money if the demand for coins falls.

Since move to earn projects are not always designed for year-round use, the hype may decrease after the summer period, when users are ready to play outdoor sports. In this situation, it is easy to lose the invested funds. 

Over time, “working off” the cost of an NFT sneaker or a totem animal can become more difficult than at the beginning, not to mention net income. This can happen due to the influx of a large number of players who become competitors and can speculate on the prices of NFT items. In the STEPN, at the very beginning, sneakers were sold for about $600, now the simplest version costs from $1200. That is, the investment pays off twice as long.

Move-to-Earn games sector is still in its infancy to determine exactly what it will grow into in the future.