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Web 3.0 is an innovative technology that brings the internet to a higher level of development. Web 1.0 that was presented in 1990 was the first stage of the evolution. At this stage different companies and agencies created websites with static non-interactive content. Very soon businessmen realized that Web 1.0 technology had great potential and began purchasings domains for their newly created internet projects.

In 2004 the Web 2.0 technology was introduced. It was based on social networks and content that was generated and published by users. Soon the epoch of social media and personal blogs began. This second iteration of Web technology allowed users to directly interact with each other through numerous online platforms that appeared at that time. It was the period of a permanent increase of the amount of information that was published on the internet. The ambitious web projects, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Google quite soon became the technological giants. For the first time the world faced the problematic aspect of users’ personal data privacy.

But the permanent growth of online technologies did not stop then and even raised the tempo. The newly introduced Web 3.0 technology is based on the principle of data control decentralization. In simple words it means that today users fully control the use and distribution of data available online. Web 3.0 cryptocurrencies list makes it much easier to access the desired information and increases the level of content transparency. This new technology grounds on the principle of peer-to-peer, where users communicate with each other without any intermediaries. Web 3.0 started to get implemented into different online platforms and services.

Advantages of Top Web 3.0 Crypto

Web 3.0 technology brings the set of advantages that are absolutely critical for the online exchange of virtual money. These new platforms have to be secure, scalable, and decentralized. The appearance of NFT tokens helped link the Metaverse with Web 3.0. It helped create a virtual space, where users can interact with each other directly without any centralized control. The mass implementation of Web 3.0 technology was a huge boost for online communication and commercial operations. 

The quick development of Web 3.0 crypto led to the introduction of the decentralized platform with a set of user-friendly applications. The space where users can directly interact with each other online is called the Metaverse.

As market participants, the online commercial platform users received an opportunity to purchase and trade virtual land lots or digital objects (the so-called virtual real estate). Soon Mana was introduced, the virtual means of payment for virtual assets as well as real goods and services. Decentraland is an online marketplace where participants make different virtual transactions and exchange their tokens. 

As a virtual platform, the Metaverse is based on a principle of decentralized data exchange. In other words, it has to be free of governance from any controlling center as opposed to the centralized internet in which you need permission for making transactions. Let’s analyze and compare top Web 3.0 blockchain projects 2022.

Best Web 3.0 Blockchain Projects 2022

Today there are several web streaming services that are based on sharing of digital resources and data transfer bandwidth. Such platforms allow us to reduce expenses for playing video clips around the globe. This principle of operation increases the general quality of online video streaming resources.

By sharing computing resources and bandwidth, users receive virtual tokens that enable them to directly control the platform operation. Nowadays the market cap of such platforms is over a billion US dollars. The list of best Web 3.0 cryptocurrencies helps find the most profitable offers that are available today.

Today you can also find the platforms that allow users developing virtual currencies and peer-to-peer internet. These Web 3.0 cryptos involve market participants into a process of value creation. They provide convenient options for online data storage. Such platforms operate on the principle of a virtual cloud where users can store, read, and share their personal information safely thanks to special automatically generated data encryptions keys.

This principle allows reducing the costs of data storage in comparison with other online services. For using this information storage space users receive virtual tokens which they may use for product purchasing and trading.

To be successive today the top Web 3.0 crypto platform should have the following features:

Security and privacy

Stable operation

High speed of transaction processing


Direct data management by users

Best platforms in 2022 provide tools for online developing and running Web 3.0 applications. We created the list of Web 3.0 cryptocurrencies for you to analyze and select the most effective platform for earning money. They implement the principle of community funding where participants invest money + into startups. Users have an opportunity to trade both tokens and data storage space for increasing profits.


Today you can also find decentralized networks that allow users storing their applications and virtual data. Such platforms provide guarantees that the information will stay intact and will not be deleted or damaged. The safety algorithm of such platforms does not allow anyone to remove or overwrite the data in an online storage and helps eliminate malicious web applications and 404 errors.

The participants receive tokens for maintaining the websites of such platforms. In addition, they can receive extra profit for sharing the data storage space with other users.

Many Web 3.0 crypto platforms today offer the data storage clouds to their users. They also provide an opportunity to develop, edit and test Web 3.0 applications. It allows successfully competing with huge online projects that occupy a significant share of an online services market. 

Most of the best Web 3.0 blockchain projects in 2002 are crypto networks with an open source code. Their operation is based on the principles of scalability, decentralized user interaction, and transparency.

Using such platforms people can invest funds into the innovative projects created by the ambitious developers. The main goal of Web 3.0 platforms is to enable users to fully control the online data turnover.