How to Invest in GameFi?

GameFi – what is it? How to invest in GameFi? Many people ask these questions. This is one of the modern investment trends in the cryptocurrency market. The bottom line is to use game mechanics in order to make money on the Internet. Best GameFi crypto projects are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that not only professional investors, but also players who are involved in computer games can invest in GameFi and receive funds.

Simply put, this concept means the possibility of making money on games. It is such projects that give players the opportunity to earn on their experience. The bottom line is the ability to get coins for the gameplay in a particular game. This technology is innovative, as it includes cryptocurrencies and blockchain. 

This mechanism can coexist with other popular tools for making money on cryptocurrencies:


creation of new tokens;

trading on the stock exchange;

algorithmic tasks;

lending and much more.

GameFi tokens are developed on a specific blockchain chain. Players who receive specific items within the game can use them to earn money and receive crypto tokens. As a result, the player receives GameFi NFTs – these are full-fledged assets that can be spent online. 

The value of all funds received is determined depending on supply and demand by the creators of the blockchain project themselves.

This mechanism of earning appeared relatively long ago, but at that time it was not widely used. This area began to actively develop in 2021. Among the main features was the opportunity for players to earn real money on their funds in the game. Now this segment is actively developing, so it can compete with other advanced projects in the cryptocurrency industry.

In early versions of the technology, it was planned to use Bitcoin or Ethereum as the settlement cryptocurrencies. Now the working conditions have changed. Developers have begun to implement more productive projects that process information much faster. 

How Do I Invest in DeFi GameFi?

At the moment, GameFi tokens are a variety of game objects that can be sold or bought in order to receive real material values. The following funds can be used as such assets:

gold and coins;

different resources;

unique skins;

territories and pets;

original trophies.

With the help of well-thought-out blockchain technology, all game objects received by the player become his property. The system offers different levels and achievements, so even novice gamers with minimal experience can start investing and earning. Over time, they will be able to increase their performance, getting more and more profit, and then putting these items up for sale on the exchanges.

How to invest in GameFi? There are different ways to participate in GameFi. Earning methods include:

many gamers sell their achievements and gaming experience gained during battles;

players can replenish their assets regularly;

various objects that are owned can be rented out to earn money.

All information about ownership and specific resources is stored in an open cloud storage, so the data is regularly checked. This makes it possible to assign to each user the ownership of a particular item, which simplifies subsequent identification and other manipulations. Even when the game servers are closed, the ownership of the objects does not disappear.

This industry is promising, as it allows professional players and ordinary amateurs to earn good money. The GameFi industry has become increasingly popular among a large number of gamers in recent years. It combines many modern technological solutions that help the development of blockchain technology. Other GameFi features include:

no need to buy expensive computer equipment to participate;

all gaming projects in the industry are available for every user;

the ability to earn big money and invest in various assets to earn money;

virtual land is becoming more and more in demand, so it pays well.

Investors are also interested in reselling rare objects, characters and skins. 

How to invest in GameFi? GameFi IDO or IGO gives great earning opportunities due to broad prospects, including:

use of assets for investment and interest;

the use of cryptocurrency funds for the purchase of various items (NFTs);

greater audience engagement, which helps to develop the industry.

The use of decentralized finance technologies, maintaining the involvement of gamers through a well-thought-out reward system – all this allows the industry to actively grow. To get into the industry, it is enough to register in any game that supports blockchain technology, as well as create a cryptocurrency wallet.

GameFi is a promising trend that holds the future. Many investors tend to believe that the industry can become the main source of income for players, for the next 5-10 years for sure.


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